Our splashbacks will brighten your kitchen and create a feeling of space Photographic images on kitchen splashbacksPhotographic images on glass  Photographic images on kitchen splashbacks     Photographic images on kitchen splashbacks Photographic images on kitchen splashbacksGraphic Glass adds beauty and richness to any bathroomPerfect colour matching, durable and the ultimate in styleGraphic Glass can transform your place of business  Graphic Glass exteriors are elegant, eye-catching and weather proofGraphic Glass exteriors are elegant, eye-catching and weather proof

The latest architectural design trends open a multitude of ways of using designer's colours with graphic glass colour-backed glass for kitchen glass splashbacks, island fronts, table and bench tops, elevator/shower wall panels, patterned glass applications, spandrel panels, signs, art deco style windows, shop fittings and furniture. Graphic Glass as a tool is on the forefront of innovative and cutting edge interior and exterior glass design & glass splashbacks in New Zealand. Graphic Glass can also print images and artwork directly onto glass.